Pondering Policing

As I mentioned in this space before, my colleague Liz Huntley and I were retained by the Huntsville [Alabama] Police Citizens Advisory Council as Independent Counsel to review the actions of Huntsville law enforcement in response to the civil unrest last summer following the death of George Floyd. Last week, we presented a summary of our 248 page report to the Huntsville City Council.

Liz at the podium.

Whether we succeeded or failed is best for others to judge. My name and Liz’s name are on the cover, but the review and report were products of an extraordinary, thoughtful, and persistent effort by my colleagues at Lightfoot including Brandon Essig, Jay Sewell, Amaobi Enyinnia, Richard Rosario, Susan Harper, and Sam McAllister (who created our Independent Counsel website). I am even further in their debt than before we undertook this project.