Radio, Barr and Churchill

And the “siren suit.”

The photo above is not me, but I did have a good time on SiriusXM’s POTUS channel with host Olivier Knox of “The Big Show” discussing William Barr’s confirmation hearings to be Attorney General.  Listen here:

Consistently with the photo above, I just finished Churchill: Walking With Destiny.

Written by British historian Andrew Roberts, it is a powerful, compelling one-volume biography of perhaps the greatest leader of the twentieth century; certainly the leader to whom we owe the most in predicting and preserving civilization from the successive onslaughts of Prussian militarists; Hitler and the Nazis; and Stalin and the Soviets.  A man full of faults, certainly, but more than enough saving grace and greatness.  One of The Wall Street Journal’s Ten Best Books of 2018; one of The Economist’s Best Books of 2018; and a New York Times Notable Book of 2018