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    Disclaimer Parade

    Autumn is in the air, which means it is time for the occasional disclaimer so prized by various state bars and their staffs. I write on this blog because I enjoy it, but one with a Soviet mind might think it is lawyer advertising. If you fall in that category, read this: DISCLAIMER:  “No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.”  Nothing in this blog is legal advice.  You’re not paying me for any, nor am I giving you any.  Any questions about this blog may be addressed to Jackson R. Sharman…

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    Booze Beats Law: Subscribe to White Collar Wire

    Please take a moment to subscribe to White Collar Wire’s email newsletter.  You’ll get notice of articles before anyone else in the Western world. Just look to the left where it says, very helpfully: Subscribe to our Newsletter Enter your email address and press the “Subscribe” button with the unnecessary exclamation point. If you are a mission-statement type, here’s ours: This is a blog about business crime.  We post stories about news, cases, judicial opinions, practical tips and scholarly work regarding white-collar criminal and civil enforcement, grand jury investigations and regulatory compliance.  We want to be useful to businesspeople, internal counsel, defense lawyers in private practice, prosecutors and law-school teachers.…

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    “Fantastic Lies” and Corporate Criminal Prosecution

    When the past is dug up in documentaries (or docudramas), events are often sensationalized.  This practice is of long pedigree: Shakespeare was not above amping up an old story when it suited his needs.  Unfortunately, few filmmakers are at Shakespeare’s level, and the sensationalism ends up being no more than that.  The viewer has no better sense of the past than he did when he began.  The only sense the viewer has is the sense that she has been had. On the other hand, from time to time a documentary digs up the past but cools down the facts, making them approachable in a way that would have been impossible…

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    Why You Need More Email

    Actually, that’s not true.  You don’t need more email; rather, you need better email. Other than a missive alerting you to a sale on gin at your local booze-provider, what constitutes “better” email”? “Better” email is email alerting you to new posts from White Collar Wire. It’s simple. Enter your email address in the “Susbcribe” box on the left of the home page, and click the grey “Subscribe” button. An email alerting you to a new post will, helpfully, appear in your inbox. Do not miss out; help us to be relevant (or, at least, to so perceive ourselves); and re-post anything about gin sales.

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    Flipboard Spotlight | White Collar | Nice Tie.

    You may use Flipboard as a nifty way to organize news and media in which you have an interest.  (If you don’t use Flipboard, try it). For mysterious reasons, Flipboard decided to do a “spotlight” on me as a “Magazine Maker.”  (“Magazines” are the way you organize stories in Flipboard).  Here is the story: Attorney and White Collar Wire Blogger Jack Sharman My name is Jack Sharman. I’m a lawyer who blogs at White Collar Wire about white-collar criminal defense, crime fiction, cocktails and theology. My love of narrative led me to all of those topics. Juror, reader, drinker, sinner: everyone needs a good story. I use Flipboard “inbound” as…

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    White Collar Wire Now on Facebook and Tumblr

      With some trepidation, we finally took the plunge and established a White Collar Wire page on Facebook. Please go over there and “like” it, “friend” it and otherwise approve us.  I promise it will contain no vacation photos, nor my childrens’ witticisms nor Vine renditions of athletic events.           Even better, visually, is that White Collar Wire is now on Tumblr as well.           Finally, for sound business-crime weekend reading on either platform, you cannot do better than Smash Detective-Cases: