Impeachment Cocktails, Mob Movies, Crime Music

Dunlop. A venerable tennis brand.

In the midst of impeachment investigations, it is often best to turn to cocktails and music. Here are three leading cocktails for Democrats and Republicans, all from the folks at the Corpse Reviver No. 2, the Porter’s Old Fashioned, and the Improved Dunlop.

An updated White Collar Wire playlist is out on Spotify. Note the new contributions from Gucci Mane (“Richer Than Errybody”), Gallant (“Sweet Insomnia”), Miranda Lambert (“Way Too Pretty for Prison”), Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash (“Wanted Man — Take 1”), A Winged Victory for the Sullen (“The Slow Descent Has Begun”), Dr. John (“(Everybody Wanna Get Rich) Rite Away”), and Kendell Marvell (“Hard Time with the Truth”).

But they get the transcript.

The trial of Trump confidant Roger Stone has begun. We have written about Mr. Stone before: Roger Stone, the Perp Walk, and Shame’s Role in White-Collar Cases.

As noted in the National Law Journal, the Government wanted to introduce at trial a clip from “The Godfather: Part II” relating to congressional testimony:

Judge Amy Berman Jackson said in an order that she won’t allow the clip to be admitted as evidence “because the prejudicial effect of the videotape, which includes a number of extraneous matters, outweighs its probative value.” The order does allow for a transcript of the scene to be admitted instead.

The clip is from a scene where a character, Frank Pentangeli, lies during his testimony before a congressional committee. Federal prosecutors allege that Stone referenced the scene while urging an associate, Randy Credico, to not testify before the House Intelligence Committee.

I am not sure about the in limine ruling: a transcript of a mob movie is still pretty prejudicial. But, the scene is wonderful: