White-Collar Spotify Playlist Update (Roger Stone Edition)

All things evolve, or at least update.  The White Collar Wire playlist on Spotify is no exception.  As I have noted before, “scoring” a playlist for white-collar crime is an uncertain business.  Appropriate compositions pop up across genres, however, and will likely continue to do so.  (For earlier consumers of the playlist, new material starts with “I Fought The Law” and goes through the end).  This update includes:

The Clash | Brian Fallon | Pink Floyd | Henry Mancini | Meek Mill | Barney Kessel | Dawes | Middle Brother | The Allman Brothers | Scotty Bahama | Paul Englishby | Benjamin Del Shreve | Hozier| The Oscar Peterson Trio | Shemekia Copeland | and ZZ Top

Here is the link:

Special Counsel chords.

Note that ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man” made it this week because of another sharp-dressed man — Roger Stone.  I have no idea of the merits of the case against Mr. Stone, or the lack thereof, though the post-arrest “perp walk” seems, on its face at least, a bit much.  There is no dispute, however, that Mr. Stone lays claim to be a sharp-dressed man, as he explains in the “How To Dress For Court” video below (from the Daily Caller, in a story picked up by USA Today and others).


P.S.  If you actually want to know to wear to your arraignment and trial,  this advice is as sound as any:

A DC Attorney on What Roger Stone Should Actually Wear In Court