Qwest’s Joe Nacchio, Club Fed, the NSA and “Rub it on your chest”

Here’s a short, interesting article about Qwest’s Joe Nacchio and his release from prison

A couple of takeaways:

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(1) There is no longer a “Club Fed” for white-collar inmates — if in fact there ever was one.  Deprivation of liberty is still prison; isolation from your family is still painful; and being vulnerable is still scary.

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(2) Although it’s possible that the Government prosecuted Nacchio because he refused to turn over Qwest customer information to the NSA, it’s not likely (although it would be a side benefit, if there was already an investigation rolling).

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(3) His advice is sound for most businesspeople:

Mr. Nacchio wants bankers, hedge fund analysts and others facing potential prison sentences to know that they are better off cutting a deal to avoid incarceration and the hardship it brings on family members.

His advice for other executives entering prison: listen, don’t talk. Show empathy to others who aren’t as fortunate. Live in the moment.

And forge ahead, despite the setbacks, he said, quoting a saying he learned from other inmates: “Rub it on your chest.”

Here’s the video of the news story:  Nacchio Story Video