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    Impeachment Cocktails, Mob Movies, Crime Music

    In the midst of impeachment investigations, it is often best to turn to cocktails and music. Here are three leading cocktails for Democrats and Republicans, all from the folks at Liquor.com: the Corpse Reviver No. 2, the Porter’s Old Fashioned, and the Improved Dunlop. An updated White Collar Wire playlist is out on Spotify. Note the new contributions from Gucci Mane (“Richer Than Errybody”), Gallant (“Sweet Insomnia”), Miranda Lambert (“Way Too Pretty for Prison”), Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash (“Wanted Man — Take 1”), A Winged Victory for the Sullen (“The Slow Descent Has Begun”), Dr. John (“(Everybody Wanna Get Rich) Rite Away”), and Kendell Marvell (“Hard Time with the…

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    Spring Break Meditation

    It is the end of Spring Break, at least where I write. The end of the week always puts one in mind of the spring-breaker classic “Where The Boys Are” (1960). Here, after everyone else has left the beach and gone back to school, Merritt (Delores Hart) ponders love with Brown senior Ryder (George Hamilton): Crime Fiction To keep you current, here is a “Revue of Reviewers” from Rap Sheet, as well as recent reviews from the Irish Times, the Guardian and Crime Fiction Lover. Music An updated “White Collar Wire” is out on Spotify. New this week are Liily, The White Buffalo, Johannes Brahms, The Allman Brothers, Black Sabbath,…

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    Music for White-Collar Crime

    The “White Collar Wire” playlist on Spotify has been updated: New entrants since the last update include Arnold Schoenberg, Howard Shore, Dire Straits, Gary Clark, Jr., and The Cold Stares.

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    White-Collar Spotify Playlist Update (Roger Stone Edition)

    All things evolve, or at least update.  The White Collar Wire playlist on Spotify is no exception.  As I have noted before, “scoring” a playlist for white-collar crime is an uncertain business.  Appropriate compositions pop up across genres, however, and will likely continue to do so.  (For earlier consumers of the playlist, new material starts with “I Fought The Law” and goes through the end).  This update includes: The Clash | Brian Fallon | Pink Floyd | Henry Mancini | Meek Mill | Barney Kessel | Dawes | Middle Brother | The Allman Brothers | Scotty Bahama | Paul Englishby | Benjamin Del Shreve | Hozier| The Oscar Peterson Trio…