Whitewater and Russian Rapids

On “The 11th Hour with Brian Williams” to discuss the Mueller indictments:

Jack Sharman – MSNBC – The 11th Hour with Brian Williams (Oct. 31, 2017) from LFW on Vimeo.

We have discussed the Special Counsel’s case before: Search Warrants and Russia Raids.

Congress will likely take a turn here.  We have reviewed the role of Congressional investigations and special counsel investigations:

Congressional Investigations, Criminal Cases and The Knights Who Say “Ni!”

Time flies.

Lessons From An Ex-Congressional Lawyer  

Strong hair.

Where Did You Go, Batman? Martin Shkreli, Congress, the Fifth Amendment and You


Public Corruption, Alabama, the Hurry-Up Offense and Lynyrd Skynyrd

Flying over corruption?

Flying over corruption?

According to the  FCPA Blog, Alabama is supposedly the 6th most-corrupt state in the Union.  Mississippi takes top honors.  Oregon claims to be the least corrupt.  (Perhaps the Ducks’ hurry-up offense leaves no time for kickbacks).  Here is the full study.

By “corruption,” the authors focus on public corruption as prosecuted by DOJ’s Public Integrity Section.





Public Integrity’s track record in Alabama has been mixed, though, most recently in the “bingo” acquittals. For some white-collar defendants, it may be Sweet Home, Alabama after all, but there can be immense pain, expense and destruction along the way.