• Cocktails

    The Mai Tai Question for Young White-Collar Lawyers

    Here’s the recipe for a Mai Tai. A Mai Tai is not really a Thanksgiving cocktail, but it reminds me of something I’ve always wanted to ask an interviewing law student. Long ago, when I was junior at Washington & Lee, a history course (the “History of Venice,” I believe) taught by Professor Jefferson Davis Futch III required “permission of the instructor” before one could enroll.  I went to the Department of History, knocked at Professor Futch’s door and was given leave to enter. I said that I was here for permission to take the course He considered me for a moment, said “Let’s see,” leaned back in his chair…

  • Legal Education

    The Rise (and Triumph?) of the Adjuncts

    Here’s a story (via @TheAtlantic) about a study from Northwestern University concluding that tenured professors make worse teachers. This was a study of undergraduate freshmen.  Does the same principle hold true for law schools?

  • Legal Education

    The ABA: Goodbye To Law School Tenure?

    When even the ABA takes steps to move away from tenure, as here — http://www.law.com/jsp/nlj/PubArticleNLJ.jsp?id=1202614832071&ABA_Panel_Favors_Dropping_Law_School_Tenure_Requirement — we know that change is truly afoot.