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    Big Data, Big Pocket Square

    Data is dispositive in many internal investigations and white-collar prosecutions. This panel I shared with Erica Barnes, John Floyd, and Jamila Hall about “Big Data” at the recent ABA Southeastern White Collar Crime Institute was fun and, one hopes, useful. Joe Whitley and Brian McEvoy did a masterful job of leading the conference. The blue pocket square on a blue suit is a challenge, I realize, but these are challenging times: And, if you do not care for big data, here is a primer on the pocket square:

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    White Collar Wire: Now On The ABA Blawg Directory

    We’re very happy to now be part of the American Bar Association Journal’s Blawg Directory.   Here’s the ABA post: White Collar Wire Website RSS Twitter “Don’t read us because you’re a criminal. Read us because, some time or other, someone may think you are. This is a blog about business crime. We post stories about news, cases, judicial opinions, practical tips and scholarly work regarding white-collar criminal and civil enforcement, grand jury investigations and regulatory compliance We want to be useful to businesspeople, internal counsel, defense lawyers in private practice, prosecutors and law-school teachers. Sometimes, we write about crime fiction, cocktails and theology. As anyone who’s ever been involved…