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I write on this blog because I enjoy it, but one with a Soviet mind might think it is lawyer advertising.  If you fall in that category, read this: DISCLAIMER:  “No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.”  Any questions about this blog may be addressed to Jackson R. Sharman III, Lightfoot, Franklin & White LLC, The Clark Building, 400 20th Street North, Birmingham, Alabama, 35203

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  1. Dear Mr Sherman,

    My name is James Mckellar and I am working on behalf of Michael Kimelman. Mike grew up in Los Angeles and was a top student on the Law Review at USC Law School before moving to NY to work for Sullivan & Cromwell.

    I have a potential story that would be fitting for your blog. Let me know if you’d be up for interviewing Michael Kimelman and would like to see a copy of his new book Confessions of a Wall Street Insider. Thanks for your consideration.

    Below I offer some brief background, potential talking points and recent media for your convenience.

    Background: Mike was convicted in a highly questionable inside trading prosecution during the height of the financial crisis after refusing a non-cooperation, probation no-prison deal.Even the Judge (who has now been reversed by the 2nd Circuit in every other insider trading case for giving incorrect jury instructions) remarked at sentencing “This really could have gone either way.”

    Regardless, Mike’s new book ‘Confessions of a Wall Street Insider’ provides a first-hand account of corruption in the Justice Dept. and Wall Street in a never before told way. Instead of focusing on the bad actors in the financial crisis, the US Attorney went for the easy money and easy headlines in insider trading – a convenient whitewash narrative that Preet Bharara and the Obama administration sold to a suffering public.

    In the book, Mike reveals previously unknown information and take aim at Wall Street, the Department of Justice , Preet Bharara, Martin Shkreli, 50 Cent, Raj Rajaratnam and of course Mike himself, amongst others.

    There’s emerging evidence that something was rotten in Mr Bharara’s operations, something that is being covered in the WSJ at the moment, Mike can provide you with the real inside story of what was going on. (WSJ –

    As a former lawyer and CFA, Mike can opine as a financial and legal expert in many areas but here are a few timely relevant topics

    50 CENT

    Kimelman and his partners with time running out and desperate to replace the capital that RBC is pulling because of concerns in the broader market, are willing to consider ‘alternative’ sources of capital and score a chance meeting with 50 Cent and his crew. The hilarious description of 50’s office (“The door was gre- nade-proof, the glass bullet-proof, and the entrance protected by an enormous brother wearing a baggy, dark denim outfit that could have housed a family of refugees…”) leads to a successful pitch and just when it looks likely they will score a big check from 50’s people, Kimelman gets cold feet and sabotages the deal to the anger of his partner. As he explains, “When my business deals go bad, I want a pinstriped lawyer coming after me with a Montblanc pen, not a gangster with a Glock 9.”


    Kimelman’s description of the day to day monotony and despair of prison is especially noteworthy. He details his friendship with an Aryan Nation inmate who had spent the last 25 years behind bars, the shocking number of inmates who couldn’t read whom he tutored, his co-defendants attempts to stalk him in the yard, and the irony of his new home, “The SUV I’d driven my three kids to school in was bigger than what was now my home.” [or perhaps substitute or add this paragraph below which might be too long]

    “Hey, Jew with the tattoo, you got a nice ass,” was the immediate response from the peanut gallery. A guard pulled me aside, warned me that I was “inviting trouble,” and said to cover up until I was actually underneath the showerhead.
    Clearly, I had a lot to learn. I was prisoner #62876054. They didn’t tattoo it onto my forearm, but in a metaphorical sense it sure felt that way—and still does. Even today, I can’t say or hear my number without breaking into “Look Down” from the musical Les Miserables.
    That I had even attended a Broadway show differentiated me from 99 per- cent of the other inmates in the facility.”


    There was an outrageous and highly illegal manner in which wiretaps were used in the case. Anyone wants a precursor of the Trump allegations, or the travesty that Snowden revealed, really has to look no further than Mike’s case. Application was defective on its face. Failure to minimize. Listened in on calls between attorneys and clients, husbands and wives violating attorney client and spousal privilege, an outrageous and illegal violations that Judge Sullivan did absolutely nothing about other than wag his finger for 3 seconds [wag], that was the sum penalty. And finally, in the most outrageous invasion of privacy the wife of a defendant alleged they planted a bug in the bedroom between a husband and wife. She sued the FBI for the illegal and repulsive act and the FBI, in a first of its kind, settled the case.

    I hope you found the above interesting and if you want to discuss further a potential interview do let me know.

    Kind Regards,

    James Mckellar
    Marketing Publicist on behalf of Michael Kimelman
    Some recent media:

    WSJ – Unfinished Preet Bharara Business

    Thank you for your time and consideration and here is some background on the case:

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